Love41 Mini Tote in Tobacco

Love41 Mini Tote

When I saw my friend Annie at church carrying this bag, I squealed with delight. A grown woman, freaking out because of a friend’s bag is a regular occurrence for me. Annie agreed to let me borrow her Love41 Mini Tote in Tobacco for a week or two to try it out. Now that’s a friend! Annie is a mom of three wonderful kids, and she found herself needing a big purse to keep up with them, while still looking fashionable. Annie’s style is similar to mine. Grounded, modest and feminine; I’d say that describes this bag perfectly!

The week I borrowed Annie’s bag went by too quick! I might need to get my hands on one for myself. Maybe we can swap bags for a season? I’ll email Annie 🙂

I love cross-body straps, and this Mini Tote has a wonderful adjustable strap for the tallest woman to the shortest. What amazed me was that I never used the strap! The week I had this bag, I kept grabbing the two large handles and wore the bag in the crook of my arm. This was alarming to me, because I don’t own any bags with this feature. What a wonderful surprise. Buy bag here.

Love41 Mini Tote 1I do own a JW Hulme Mini Excursion in Oxblood. Random thought I know, but it is similar to the Love41 Mini Tote. Because I have all the time in the world (don’t tell my neighborhood spring clean up committee), I created a YouTube Review comparing these two bags. Enjoy!

YouTube Review:




p.s. Annie is still seen weekly at church sporting this lovely bag. Maybe I’ll keep posting pictures of this bag as it continues to develop a wonderful patina.

p.s.s. Love41 has an amazing company with a mission to help orphaned children and widows in Africa, donating 100% of their profits to those in need. Read more here.



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