Saddleback Leather Co, The Leather Tote

Saddleback Leather Co Leather Tote Chestnut Theperfectleatherbag Danae Hoppe.jpegSaddleback Leather Co. sent me this bag to review, here are my first impressions! I really like the shallow handles integrated into this tote. It makes the bag so easy to grab out of the passenger seat of my car. I find myself picking it up from these handles first, and then looping my arm through the strap. The adjustable straps are very helpful depending on what height you are but also what season it is. In the winter I wear a larger coat, so it’s nice I can lower the strap to make room for my poofy sleeve. Saddleback Leather general has pig skinned line bags which add structure and an added durability. I really enjoy this tote not having pigskin lining because floppy leather is my favorite. It will get softer over time, but still, it’s going to last with the Saddleback Leather 100-year warranty. Saddleback Leather Co The Leather Tote in Chestnut Danae Hoppe Theperfectleatherbag 1 I general use pouches to keep my bags organized but I like the two pocket options this tote offers; one outside pocket, one inside. I use these pockets for my wallet and my cell phone. I also stick my sunglasses clip to the interior pocket. The base is not built in and does not have feet which makes this bag more likely to fall over, so keep that in mind. I’d love the bag to have a closure of some kind, I’m not sure how that could have been possible. Maybe the two shallow handles could be wrapped together as a temporary closure?

Overall, this tote is unique because of the 100-year warranty, adjustable strap, shallow handles, pockets, and quality full grain leather. All these features help it stand out amongst all its competitors.

Check out my Unboxing Video/First Impression on YouTube: The Leather ToteSaddleback Leather Co The Leather Tote in Chestnut Danae Hoppe Theperfectleatherbag

In the photo above: 15 Laptop Case, Ipad Mini Case, Swell Bottle, Two pouches, Zipper Wallet, Personal size Filofax, Sunglasses, Ear Bud Case.

This bag currently retails for $219.00 USD. Find the bag here:

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  1. I recently started following you on YouTube.
    I think we we’re separated at birth – lol
    This has also been my mission in life…to find the “perfect” leather bag.
    It”s not about brands or fads for me. It’s about a quality, well made, easy to carry and use, and that smell! Oh that wonderful smell! 😊
    Just wanted to say that I enjoy your videos and can totally relate. It must be a St Louis thing 😉
    We know and can appreciate quality.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Hey!! Thank you for this. Would you kindly do an update video? I’m still in the fence cuz SBL products are normally too heavy and large for my 5’3” 118lb stature. Wondering if this could really fit the bill or if still too heavy. =) also having trouble deciding if chestnut or DCB would age more gracefully and remain classy and feminine. I find when SBL products start getting scratches, they start to look more rugged and less refined. This bag is very sleek and modern so how do you think the aged colors will add or take away from it? =)


    1. I think youd love the chestnut color. It doesnt get that beat up look like tobacco and the color is just more regal. The weight of the bag really comes down to what you carry. I find the straps to be very comfortable and easy to carry for long periods of time. I will try and get an updated video soon. I might feature this bag in a new totes review soon! Thank you!


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