Saddleback Leather Book Bag in Tobacco

Screenshot_664It’s an understated bag for understated days.

The day the Book Bag was announced by Saddleback Leather was a day of excitement! Many SBL fans love new products launches. Sometimes I’m swept up in the hype and forget to look at my bank account or my actual need for the product. I’m happy to say the Book Bag did not disappoint. With a reasonable price tag, phenomenal quality (Saddleback Leather has a 100 year warranty), and satisfying a need and function in my bag collection, I’m so pleased.

I own several leather bags (comment if you’d like to see a collection video on YouTube sometime), but I don’t own a lot of smaller leather bags. In my mind, I think you get more bang for the buck by buying a larger leather bag. So, when I’m on the hunt, I overlook smaller bags thinking they are not worth my money. One day, I mapped out how often I use different sized bags within a month. It Screenshot_656boils down to 28 days a month I need an Every Day Carry bag for going around town, running errand, grocery stores, etc… four days a month I’m at church and I carry much more on these days, and about once a month I travel out of town, needing a bigger bag. With this logic, it made sense to love and cherish my EDC (Every Day Carry). Buy bag here.

Yes, I got this Book Bag with my excitement flowing through my blood, but it’s the one time I don’t regret it. I use this bag ALL the time. I use this bag when I’m not wearing makeup, when my clothes aren’t anything to write home about, when I am running out to the store hoping to be back home within ten minutes. It’s an understated bag for understated days. Ā I like that phrase. Feel free to use it šŸ™‚

Screenshot_666I do have a full-length YouTube review on this bag. I show the bag clipped onto my Medium Simple Backpack. I mention in the video how I bring the Book Bag on trips with me as well. It’s actually quite rare for me to bring one of my favorite bags with me on a trip. When you travel, you think very carefully about what you pack or carry. No excess. I’ve found when I arrive at my destination, and I want to go to a cafe for coffee, I lug around my huge carry-on bag (often a tote or backpack). Why take along a huge piece if the little Book Bag will suffice? Those days are long gone. Me and Book Bag will travel the world together! I must have low blood sugar right now because this is sounding quite dramatic. Pasta or Pizza… Off to decide!


YouTube Review:

It was requested on my Instagram (TheDJH2000) to have this bag modeled on more men. I believe this bag to be genderless, and it can be worn confidently both by men and women. No one can tell you if a bag is right or wrong for you. Only you can decide šŸ™‚









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