1. Hi!

    I’ve been researching which tote is the best for me, and it was a toss up between madewell and the whipping post (of which you introduced to me). I had a question regarding the whipping post tote you purchased. if it was the 15″ wide tote, do you think it is wide enough for a 15″ laptop? I don’t want an overly large tote but I do want one that fits the laptop. Thanks!


    1. Hi Katie! I believe laptops are measured at an angle. So a 15″ laptop are not 15″ across, but are 15″ on an angle. I researched the measurements of a 15″ laptop, and the length is 14″ or so. So yes, the Whipping Post Tote would be able to hold the laptop. Most leather companies, including whipping post, have great return policies. So, maybe try it out and see if your laptop fits the way you’d like the first day. I just used my Whipping Post Tote this whole week on a trip to California and it was great! It can hold so much! Great question, and thanks for checking out my site! -Danae


  2. Hi:
    I was wondering if you were acquainted with Chic Sparrow Rustic Tote? I purchased one three weeks and two other bags completely different from two different companies. I can’t seem to switch out to one of the other bags. The Rustic Tote is extremely well made! It’s soft, yet sturdy, holds a ton and has 2 pockets and Key Keeper with a large, jewelry quality hook. Love it.. I do have a question, where can I get a closure for my tote? It’s the only drawback, but not enough of an issue to keep me from using it.
    Love your videos. You’re a wealth of information!


    1. Nancy, I have reviewed the Long Trifold wallet. I’m not sure I can post links here, but if you search my YouTube Channel: ThePerfectLeatherBag, you’ll find it under the wallet playlist. Thanks!


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